wor|ry1 W2S1 [ˈwʌri US ˈwə:ri] v past tense and past participle worried present participle worrying third person singular worries
1¦(be anxious)¦
2 don't worry
3¦(make somebody anxious)¦
4 not to worry
5 nothing to worry about
Phrasal verbs
 worry at something/somebody
[: Old English; Origin: wyrgan 'to strangle']
1.) ¦(BE ANXIOUS)¦
to be anxious or unhappy about someone or something, so that you think about them a lot
worry about
I worry about my daughter.
You've really got no need to worry about your weight.
worry (that)
She worried that she wasn't doing enough to help.
worry over
Dad worries over the slightest thing.
Don't tell Mum about this - she's got enough to worry about (=she already has a lot of problems or is very busy) .
2.) don't worry
a) used when you are trying to make someone feel less anxious
Don't worry, darling, Daddy's here.
don't worry if
Don't worry if you can't finish all the questions.
b) used to tell someone that they do not need to do something
don't worry about
Don't worry about sorting them out - I'll do it later.
c) used to tell someone that you will definitely do something
Don't you worry, I'll make sure he does his fair share.
to make someone feel anxious about something
The recent changes in the Earth's climate are beginning to worry scientists.
I didn't tell Mum and Dad - I didn't want to worry them.
what worries me is .../the (only) thing that worries me is ...
The only thing that worries me is the food. I don't want to get food poisoning.
Doesn't it worry you that Sarah spends so much time away from home?
worry yourself
(=feel anxious, especially when there is no need to)
You're worrying yourself unnecessarily.
4.) not to worry
BrE spoken used to say that something is not important
Not to worry, we can always go another time.
5.) nothing to worry about
spoken used to tell someone that something is not as serious or difficult as they think
It's just a check-up - nothing to worry about.
6.) ¦(ANNOY)¦ [T]
to annoy someone
= ↑bother
The heat didn't seem to worry him.
7.) ¦(ANIMAL)¦ [T]
if a dog worries sheep, it tries to bite or kill them
worry at / [worry at sth/sb] phr v
1.) if an animal worries at a bone or piece of meat, it bites and shakes it
2.) if you worry at a problem, you think about it a lot in order to find a solution
worry 2
worry2 S3 n plural worries
a problem that you are anxious about or are not sure how to deal with
sb's main/biggest/real etc worry
My main worry is finding somewhere to live.
I had a lot of financial worries .
be a worry to/for sb
Money was always a big worry for us.
2.) [U and C]
the feeling of being anxious about something
be frantic/sick/desperate etc with worry
(=feel extremely anxious)
His mother was desperate with worry.
He's been a constant source of worry .
worry about
We had no worries about safety.
3.) no worries
BrE spoken used to agree to what someone wants and to say that it will be no problem
'Can you deliver on Thursday?' 'Yeah, no worries, mate.'

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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